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k beat drop festival

•organize public performance

-Kpopdj, Bboy, Kpopdancer, hiphop, Performance

•A festival where you can enjoy performances by Kpopmusic, KpopDJ, KpopDance, and Hiphop

•Water bombs and bubbles alternately explode in the Drop part of Music, increasing the excitement.

•There is a tempered glass booth in the middle to spray a lot of water bombs and bubbles, leaving a space for only

those wearing swimsuits to enter, and to increase the excitement of those inside and those watching from outside.

•It will not end up as a one-off party, but will continue to be a festival that many people can enjoy in a wider place.


k beat drop festival

cool exit
of excitement

k hip-hop

​전세계 트렌디의 선두주자 k hiphop

k pop dance

kpop 음악의 칼군무와 폭발적인 댄스

k - dj

​압도적 비주얼과 신나는 djing


물대포와 거품대포의 강력한 퍼포먼스  
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